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PeanutButter Explosion

TuxedoBombe Chocolate cakebase, filled withmilk chocolatemousse, white chocolatemousse, covered in hand crafted chocolateganache . . $7

Gooey fudge brownie, topped with aheaping scoop of vanilla ice creamdrizzled in fudge

PeanUT BUtteR eXPlOsiOn Brownie bottom, layers of velvety peanut buttermousse, rich chocolate cake, finishedwith peanut butter chips,brownie bits,drizzled in fudge.

An explosive combinationof a fudgebrowniebase,velvety smoothpeanutbuttermousse layers, chocolate cake,finishedwith browniebits,peanutbutter chips, drizzled in fudge



An Italian signaturedessert composed of Italian ice cream with a fruit center,covered in a thin shell of chocolate

Rich red velvet cake layers,filledwith our signature cream cheesefilling,finishedwith red velvet cake crumbs& adark chocolate feather Lil’RedVelvet

- 5.99 -


We recommend pairing thiswith a KeokeCoffee - Kahlua Liqueur, Ameretto -

MangoGuava Cheesecake A tropical contrastofmango& guava cheesecake,finishedwith our lightlywhippedmango pureemoussefinishedwith toastedalmonds


Traditional cheesecake recipe straight out ofBrooklynnestled in a graham cracker crust,drizzled with strawberry sauce NewYorkCheesecake

Peanut Butter Explosion $5.99 The name says it all! Fudge brownie bottom, layersof velvety peanut buttermousse,rich chocolate cake,finishedwith brownie bits, peanut butter chips,and drizzled in fudge

Nestled inagraham cracker crust, thisminiature delight has theperfect creaminess ofNewYork’s finest cheesecake . . $7



Moist layers of yellow sponge cake,hand crafted lemonmousse, European raspberry preserves,finishedwith a lemon glaze,raspberry medallion,andmini white chocolate curls

- 5.99 -


Moist yellow genoise layers,pineapplemousse, fresh pineapple,cream cheese,finishedwith apineapple glaze and toppedwith toasted coconut. PrincessPineappleCoconut Creamy, smoothmascarpone cheesecakedipped in a light tempura batter anddeep friedwith a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream TempuraCheesecake VanillaBean IceCream in a light tempura batter Additional IceCreamFlavors: VanillaBean,Strawberry,RedBean,andGreenTea Tempura IceCream

Sponge cakedipped in coffee, layeredwith creme’,mascarpone, coffee liqueur,andfinishedwith cocoapowder

New York Cheesecake

Cheesecake BrownieSundae




A traditional dessert,but a classic that you cannot resist! Smooth,creamy mascarpone cheesecake nestled in graham cracker crumbs.

We recommend pairing thiswith a RussianCoffee - Stoli Vanil, a float of cream -

Rich fudgebrowniebaked together withourNY cheesecake , topped witha scoopof ice creamand drizzled in fudge

Sponge cake soaked in coffee liqueur, hand

Moist chocolate cake,warm molten chocolate ganache center MoltenChocolate LavaCake

whippedmousse, finished with cocoapowderanda chocolate covered espresso bean . . $7

- 5.99 -

$5.99 Tuxedo Bombe

chOcOLaTe MaRQUise Chocolate genoise, rich and velvety hand made dark chocolate mousse,finishedwith chocolate ganache and edible gold luster


Our house specialty!Chocolate cake base, filledwithmilk chocolatemousse,white chocolatemousse,finishedwith hand crafted ganache,drizzled inwhite chocolate

Ricotta based cheesecake,an Italian classic! ItalianCheesecake

Chocolate Lava

Rich, fudgebrowniewith chocolate chips, topped with scoops of ice cream and fudgedrizzle! . . $7 ChocolateChip BrownieSundae


Rich chocolate cake,filledwith warm chocolateganache,drizzled with fudgeon top


Our classic custarddessertmadewith ahint of vanilla and finishedwith ahard caramel top

Kentucky Derby Pie $5.99 Rice Pudding $5.99

- 5.99 -

We recommend pairing thiswith a Bailey'sOriginal IrishCream

ChoiceA Black / Simple / Modern CanAdd accent of color to match logo (if requested)

Choice B Italian / Elegant/ Colors: Red &Gold

Peanut Butter Explosion

Peanut Butter Explosion

TuxedoBombe Our signature item, chocolate cakebase,filledwithmilk chocolatemousse,white chocolate mousse, covered in ourhand craftedganache,drizzled inwhite chocolate. 4.95

Can’t gowrongwith a dessert like this! Fudge brownie bottom,velvety peanut buttermousse, layers of rich chocolate cake,finishedwith brownie bits,peanut butter chips, drizzled in fudge.

Browniebottom, layered in our smooth-velvety peanutbuttermousse, chocolatecake,finished withbrowniebits, peanutbutterchips, drizzled in fudge

NY Cheesecake


SignatureNewYork styled cheesecake, smooth and creamywith graham cracker crumbs.

Browniebottom,velvetypeanutbutter mousse,moist chocolatecake layers, toppedwithbrowniepieces,peanut butterchips,drizzled in fudge.



Refreshing tropicalparadisewith contrastingmango&guava cheesecake, toppedwithmangopureemousseand roastedalmonds

Spongecake,freshpureed lime juicewhipped into our lime mousse, layered in sweetcream cheese,finishedwith our lime glazegarnishedwithawhite chocolatecurl Key WestKey Lime


Chocolate cake, filledwithmilk chocolatemousse,white chocolatemousse, covered in our handcrafted chocolate ganache and drizzledwhite chocolate $6.49


Our traditionalredvelvet cake layers,filled with creamcheese,garnishedwithachocolate feather.

Lil’ Red Velvet

ChocolateCake A classic chocolate cake layered in fudge and chocolatemousse 4.95

Layers ofmoist red velvet cake,filledwith our signature cream cheese,garnished with a dark chocolate feather.



Chocolate cake base,milk chocolatemousse, white chocolatemousse,finishedwith our hand crafted ganache,drizzled inwhite chocolate. -6-

A favoriteallaround!Chocolatecakebase, filledwithmilkchocolatemousse,white chocolatemousse,finished inourhand craftedchocolateganache.

Tuxedo Bombe

TripleCappuccino Chocolate cake, layered indark chocolatemousse,white chocolate mousse,and cappuccinomousse with java chippieces,finished witha swirled candy 4.95

Our freshly baked brownie, rich in chocolate fudge, toppedwith a large scoop of ice cream and drizzled in fudge. Fudge Brownie Sundae

Chocolatecake,filledwith milkchocolatemousse,white chocolatemousse,covered in our handcraftedchocolateganache anddrizzledwhitechocolate


NewYorkCheesecake A traditional rich,creamy cheesecakewith a graham cracker crust. -6-

Hi topNewYrok creamy&smoothcheesecake, witha lightgraham cracker crust.


Layers of yellow sponge cake, lemonmousse, raspberry preserves, finishedwith a lemon glaze, raspberrymedallion, andminiwhite chocolate curls $6.49


Moist chocolate cake,filledwithhot fudge,servedwithvanillabean ice cream.

Chocolate Lava Warm chocolate cakewithamoltenhand crafted chocolateganache on the inside 4.95

Raspberry Lemon Drop


Apple Pie Ala Mode

An elegant dessertmade of a thin layer of chocolate genoise, smooth dark chocolatemousse, finishedwith a layer of handcrafted ganache dustedwith edible gold luster. -6-

Fresh from the oven,our baked apple pie ismadewithwarm spices and freshly cut apples, toppedwith a large scoop of ice cream.


Layers ofyellow spongecake, lemon mousse, raspberry

Ghirardellichocolatebrowniesmadewith walnuts, toppedwithvanilla icecream, carameldrizzle& chocolatesyrup.

IceCream 3.95 Bowl of vanilla or chocolate ice cream toppedwithwhipped cream

preserves,finishedwith a lemonglaze, raspberry medallion,andminiwhite chocolatecurls

HomemadeApplePie Our classic apple piemadewith juicy apples and aflaky crust. -6-


All Desserts $7.00


Decadent layers of caramel, nuts, and creamy cheesecakemake this everyone’s favorite. Garnishedwithwhipped cream and chocolate sauce $6.49

Chef’s lineorchard freshapples,sprinkled withcinnamonandbaked inaflaky buttery crust.


Ourspecialty cake,rich in chocolate.Perfect forall the chocolate lovers!.

Choice C Gold / Simple / Elegant Can add wood texture to base or accent swirls ( if requested)

Choice D Can add up to 8 items / White border / Text to match logo Colored background to match customer’s logo ( if requested)

Tuxedo Bombe Chocolate cake, layers of milk chocolate&white chocolatemousse, covered

in our hand crafted chocolate ganache

Table Card - 4x6 Only | Choice E Only 3 items per side Three colors to match customer’s branding, Light background color is optional (if requested)

Lil’ Red Velvet

Layers ofmoist red velvet cake, filledwith our signature cream cheese, finishedwith a dark chocolate feather


Sponge cake soaked in coffee liqueur,mascarpone, finishedwith coffee flavoredwhipped topping, dusted cocoa powder and a chocolate covered espresso bean

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