Monitors' Newsletter | December 2019

Monitor feedback

Following each Monitor visit, we ask our registered sites and companies for feedback about their Monitor and the meeting itself.

John Sayers is an extremely experienced Monitor. We enjoyed his advice on what others are doing well, and how we can implement these benefits on our project. He knows the Scheme ‘inside out’ and provided us with some great pointers and initiatives, whilst acknowledging the efforts that we ourselves are implementing. His visits are always ‘eye opening’, frank, beneficial and valued. Neil Bennett was very knowledgeable, approachable and understanding especially on the day of the visit when the weather was less than favourable. Although we were aware of CLOCS this was the first time we had been monitored. Neil was very informative and knowledgeable and freely gave advice, which was much appreciated. Brian Richards maintains a consistent and helpful approach during the visit, which is very much appreciated by the company because we can action continuous improvement suggestions. Brian has evident industry experience and this is reflected by his calmness and professionalism.

I felt that Caroline Barker was exceptional in the way she dealt with the site team and was very knowledgeable on what CCS was looking for. The attitude was first class and gave really good feedback on the sites performance and was very helpful in the dealing with the site. Stan Marlow was very professional and has a wealth of knowledge in the industry. He was polite and took his time to listen and explain stuff for my benefit to ensure that I understood what was required from us to improve our performance. Phil Power is a very approachable, friendly and knowledgeable Monitor and very engaging. Personally I have learnt a lot following the Scheme’s practices and best practice ideas which has helped promote a positive image of our business and the industry we are in.

John O’Neill is a very knowledgeable Monitor and displayed a wonderful wit throughout.

We found the visit from Andrew James to be very informative and very helpful with a pleasant approach to the Scheme.

The Scheme thanks Monitors for their professional and courteous conduct when visiting registered sites, companies and suppliers.


16 December 2019 | Monitors’ Newsletter

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