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In order to be SpartanCareers(SC) Approved , your resume must meet ALL criteria on this checklist. Failure to meet all criteria will result in a declined resume . Note: The CSC online Resume Guide includes sample “SC approved” resumes. These approval standards are minimum requirements for SpartanCareers. Your SpartanCareers approved resume MUST have the following: APPEARANCE AND FORMAT ____No spelling or grammatical errors! ____Use white space between sections making it inviting, easy to skim and read ____Use standard font styles such as Times New Roman, Arial, Palatino, Cambria, Calibri, Verdana, not cursive ____Use size 10pt–12pt font ____Consistent and balanced margins (top, bottom, and sides)—between .5 and 1 inch OBJECTIVE/PROFILE/SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS (optional section) ____Wording is specific, employer focused; targeting a type of position, job title, or career field ____Must not begin with personal pronouns like “I”; (“my” can be stated within the objective) HEADER/CONTACT INFORMATION ____ Name (14–20 font size) ____Contact information listed at the top of the page (one phone and one career professional email) EDUCATION SECTION ____List full name of institution(s) and city, state ____List official name exactly! (The University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Greensboro, NC) ____Degree spelled out accurately (Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science) and Major ____List month and year of expected graduation (May, August or December and year only) ____Optional: Include your GPA if 3.0 & above ____If multiple institutions are listed, list each in reverse chronological order by date most recently attended EXPERIENCE SECTION ____List job title, company/organization name, city, state, and dates (month and year to month and year) ____Descriptions start with an action verb in proper tense; not with personal pronouns “I” and “my” ____When using bullets, use consistent format with periods or no periods ____Descriptions emphasize relevant skills and accomplishments—these statements answer: How? Why? What? For whom? ____Arrange each experience in reverse chronological order by start date RESEARCH or CLASSPROJECT(S) , VOLUNTEEREXPERIENCE , EXTRA-CURRICULARACTIVITIES and/or LEADERSHIP,ETC. (optionalsection) ____Format and arrange this section just like your “Experience Section” for consistency SKILLS SECTION (optional section) ____Should include any special computer, language (specific level of fluency) or career/technical skills ____Soft skills like communication skills should be demonstrated through your experience section; not listed here LAST NOTE ____The phrase “References available upon request” is not used/Do not include references For other suggestions, tips or if your resume is declined , feel free to meet with a career team member during Drop-In (Mon–Fri; 10–4pm) or schedule an appointment with a career coach.

Updated 8/18/16

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