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G etting S tarted An employer spends (on average) 10–20 seconds examining a resume. Therefore, you should design your resume so that it is attractive and easy to read. Keep it concise. Read job descriptions to identify the skills, experience and/or knowledge required. Make your resume show the employer how you qualify for the position. Remember, your goal is to advance to the next step in the job search process, which is usually the interview! This guide has examples from a number of candidates, including one from each school at UNCG. Use them as samples for for- matting ideas, headings, ways of organizing the information, etc. Take time to make your resume strategic and have multiple versions of your resume to meet different kinds of jobs.

Check out this overview on getting started with your resume.

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O bjectives and S tatements Think of this as an introduction to the resume (and to you). You may choose this option to start off your resume with a statement that can position you toward a certain career direction. The objective and profile are effective ways of doing this. •• Place the objective or profile just below the contact information. •• Indicate skills sets you can offer, potential outcomes if they hire you, and focus on employer needs. •• Use keywords that appear in job postings & identify your strengths (what makes you stand out from others). •• The whole document answers the question: “why should we hire you?” so be sure to utilize the space strategically. P rofiles - O ptional Objectives are short, concise statements that convey why you are writing the resume. They demonstrate a focus regarding the particular position or industry you are seeking. Objectives may not be necessary if you’re providing a cover letter for a position. Example Objectives: 1. Human Resources Specialist position at General Motors, Inc. utilizing assessment skills, employee training experience, and a business background. 2. To obtain a part-time position, utilizing superior customer service skills to increase company sales and provide a positive experience for all patrons. 3. Seeking a summer internship where a background in the sciences, strong leadership skills and good interpersonal communication can be applied.

Profiles are similar but usually go more in-depth with qualifications and skills. If the experiences on the resume don’t directly match, a profile can help solidify why you are applying.

Example Profiles: 1. Athlete with strong time management ability

Proven experiences in reaching sales goals and self-motivated to succeed Excellent customer service orientation and ability to work in team environment 2. Motivated accounting student seeking part-time position to complement experiences

Possesses effective organizational and communication skills Detail-oriented and driven with strong academic background


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