Pre-Professional Programs

Pre-Professional Programs

Concentrations: Pre Dentistry, Pre Medicine, Pre Veterinary Medicine, Pre Engineering, Pre Law, Pre Occupational Therapy, Pre Pharmacy, Pre Physical Therapy

N Pre-Professional Programs are selected as a second major to accompany any primary academic major you choose. Your selection of this second major allows you to access Pre-Professional advising and resources specific to the needs of students preparing for competitive applications into one of these programs following completion of your Bachelor's degree. Note that, due to the fluid nature of requirements of the many professional schools to which students apply, your advisor will help you choose the actual courses you will need to complete your preparation. If you select one of the pre-professional programs, you should also indicate a major; for example, a student who selects the premedicine pre-professional program might choose to major in biology or chemistry. WHERE IT CAN TAKE YOU Organizations Where our Alumni Have Gone • Dentist of Private Practice • General/ Vascular Surgeon – Forsyth Memorial Homecare • OB/GYN – ECU Women’s Physicians • Pediatrician – Riverside Pediatric Center • Optometrist – Memphis Optical • Military Veterinarian • Engineer – Allied Signal Inc. • Applications software engineer – McDonnel Douglas Corp HOW TO GET THERE S • Pre-Law -Any that helps you develop skills in: Effective writing & speaking; Logical & Analytical thinking; American Institutions & Values • Pre-Occupational Therapy -Community & Therapeutic Recreation • Pre-Pharmacy - Any major of interest in which student can acquire an excellent academic record • Pre-Physical Therapy- Kinesiology W Compatible First Majors • Pre-Dentistry - Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry • Pre-Medicine - Biology; Chemistry; Biochemistry • Pre-Veterinary Medicine -Biology; Chemistry; Biochemistry; Any major of interest in which you can maintain a high academic standard • Pre-Engineering -Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science

• Branch Chief – NASA • President/ CEO – IPC Info Systems • Attorney – US Dept of Labor • District Court Judge for NC • Criminal magistrate – Guilford Co. Schools • Counsel – Federal Deposit Insurance Corp • Pharmacy Technician – Revco Drug Stores, Inc. • Pharmacist Manager – Maple Hill Pharmacy • Physical Therapist – American Therapy Services; NovaCare, Inc. and Charlotte Institute of Rehab • Occupational Therapist • Pharmacist – Duke Univ.

E When to take coursework Students typically take the required coursework for their first major and complete any pre-requisite courses for admission into the professional program throughout their four years, with exception to Pre-Pharmacy and Pre-Engineering in which students take pre-requisites during their Freshman and Sopho- more years and transfer to the professional program after their sophomore year. Past Internship Sites • Pre-Dentistry - Shadowing at local Dentist Offices • Pre-Medicine - Research Institutes; University Research Labs; Local Hospitals • Pre-Veterinary Medicine - NC Zoological Park; Natural Science Centers; Local Veterinary Hospitals; Emergency Vet Clinics • Pre-Engineering - Companies such as: Proficient Health; ZF Friedrichshafen; ZF Lemforder Corporation; Freedom School Partners; Liberty Hardware; Cone Health Hospital system • Pre-Law -Local legal services organizations • Pre-Occupational Therapy -Gateway Education Center; Local Hospitals; Clinical Settings • Pre-Pharmacy -Local retail pharmacies; Local Hospitals; Nursing Homes; Clinical Settings • Pre-Physical Therapy - Local Hospitals; Rehabilitation Clinics; Public and Private Schools; Older adult care facilities; Medical practices; Private Physical Therapy practices

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