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BOOSTYOURBRAIN Brains need to be worked out just as much as bodies do – perhaps even more! Here are three ways to give your brain the boost it needs to stay sharp. Stay fit. One way to keep your brain fit is to keep your body fit. A scientific study involving 11,000 older individuals showed that those who exercised

more had increased improvement in thinking and speed tests. So, what amount of exercise is needed to keep your mind moving? According to the study, only three hours a week!

Eat healthy. Once again, the link between a healthy lifestyle and a healthy brain is pretty conclusive. Experts believe those who want to nourish their brain should stick to a diet filled with fruits, veggies, whole grains, healthy fats and fish. Listen to music. Listening to music engages your brain and gives your mind a mental

workout. Your brain has to do a lot of computing to make sense of a song. However, instead of listening to the

same music you have since you were a teen – try giving different styles a whirl. It will

challenge your brain more and you might very well find something you like!

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