CLTW and RBL Fleet Flyer

Hornet • Fully encapsulated electronics • Memory function to recall the last pattern used • Approximately 6.5 feet of cable • No external drivers required • Professional, custom design for each tment • TIR LED technology with 22 LED modules

LED Beacons High Profile range from 6.31” to 7.63” in height Medium Profile range from 5.25” to 5.31” in height Low Profile range from 3.63” to 5.25” in height

• 30 different Amber Strobe Patterns • Over 50,000 hrs life expectancy • Weather-Proof IP67 • 360° coverage

#PU950116 - 16” Hornet

Mini Bars Available in compact, low profile, high profile and dual colors

Traffic Arrows Available in various sizes

#PU950124 - 24” Hornet

Bednet The Bednet ® Cargo Restraint System allows your crew to quickly and safely secure most loads in pickups, utility body vehicles, vans and trailers

Safety Whips • Ultra Durable • Work-site tested • 16” x 16” • Orange with Reflective X in Yellow • HD springs also available

#BN-0101 - Large (Full-Size Long Bed) #BN-0102 - Medium (Full-Size Short Bed) #BN-0103 - Small (Compact) #BN-0108 - Jumbo #BN-0272 Utility Net (6’x7’) #BN-0275 Net (7’x14’) #BN-0304 Interior Restraint with Mesh #BN-0402 Compact Utility

#SWABM - Safety Whips Angle Mount Plated 2.5” x 2.5” #SW519.30BNP - Safety Whips HD Spring Non Whips Plated #SW519.309NP - Safety Whips HD Steel Spring Non Power #SWFDM - Safety Whips Fold Mount #SW10QD-X - SW Buggy Whip 10’ w/Quick Connect

Original Headache Rack

Safety Rack

Open Rack

Louvered Rack

Half Louvered Rack

Half Safety Rack

Three Light Rack

Side Rails

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