European Medical Device Leadership - Advanced Training course

WBC – White blood cell WC – Written confirmation (issued by competent authority) WCPB – Women of childbearing potential WDA – Wholesale dealer’s licence WEBAE – Web adverse event(s) WEB-RADR (project) – Recognising Adverse Drug Reactions WGEO – Working Group of Enforcement Officers (HMA)

WHO – World Health Organization WL – Warning letter – but also: WL – Wholesale dealer’s licence WOCBP – Women of child-bearing potential WRAC – Worldwide Regulatory Affairs Committee WTO – World Trade Organisation

XEVIMPD – Extended EudraVigilance Investigational Medicinal Product Dictionary XEVMPD – Extended EudraVigilance medicinal products dictionary XEVPRM – Extended EudraVigilance product report message XML – Extensible Markup Language XRF – X-ray fluorescence ZVA – Zalu Valsts Agentura (State Agency for Medicines) (Latvia)

[Last updated 11 July 2017]

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