The PHA Buzz August 2012

The sky’s no longer the limit for PHA Media

Adventurer Namira Salim has re- cently appointed PHA Media to raise her profile in the UK, prior to her embarking on the first Vir- gin Galactic space flight. Namira has already secured fame in her native Pakistan, after becoming the first Pakistani national to reach both the North and South Poles, and one of the first to skydive (in tandem) over Mount Everest in 2008. She is now set to make history as one of the world’s first space tourists. A prominent artist and polar explorer, she was selected from 44,000 candidates to become a member of the Virgin Galactic

Founders Club and in 2006 was introduced to the world’s press in Dubai by Sir Richard Branson himself. Flight tests are soon to take place in preparation for next year, when she and other guests will be launched into space. Since joining PHA,

Radio 4’s Saturday Live, Gulf Life, the in- flight magazine for Gulf Air, The Econo- mist’s Intelligent Life and the highly re- garded website The Huffington Post.

the Celebrity Team has secured a number of high profile interview opportunities for Namira, including her first TV appearance on Sky News Sunrise, an interview on BBC

PHA go green

continued growth and success since April. The official launch of the scheme was marked by a volunteer day at Manorfield Primary School in East London, where seven volun- teers from PHA rolled up their sleeves, donned their gardening gloves and got to work. The aim was to help maintain an “edible playground,” pur- pose built by the charity to help educate inner-city children about where fruit and vegetables come from and how to grow and cook their own. The garden included a range of educational features such as a woodland story area, orchard,

natural play space, and a veg- etable and fruit garden. Our task was to give the whole garden a thorough makeover by weed- ing, pruning, mowing and litter picking. After our work was done, the garden was transformed into an inner-city oasis, ready for the children to enjoy once again. This exciting partnership is part of an overall strategy to ensure that PHA are socially respon- sible and environmentally pro- gressive. Companywide the team have been contributing through recycling, transport and energy initiatives as we work our way towards achieving a level one Green Mark certification.

PHA Media is delighted to announce the launch of a new green initiative, which will see us partici- pate in a number of excit- ing projects over the next 12 months and beyond.

Working in partnership with independent charity, Trees for Cities, we will be taking part in special volunteer days to plant trees representing each new cli- ent signing we secure across the agency. When the tree planting season begins in the autumn, we are currently looking to plant over 60 new trees; a sign of our

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