RubinBrown Gaming Stats 2014

Contents 2 Commercial Gaming Analysis

5 State Gaming Tax Rates

6 Electronic Gaming Devices

8 Table Games

RubinBrown’s Gaming Services Group adds value to clients through an understanding of gaming regulations and focus on efficient, effective, and sustainable compliance programs. We are nationally known for leadership within the gaming industry. Our success and reputation is a byproduct of our commitment to the following: ▶ Excellence in Quality and Client Service ▶ Thought Leadership ▶ Strategic Partnerships ▶ Diverse and Inspired Team ▶ Integrated Approach and Technical Expertise Across Service Lines

10 Commercial Gaming Headlines

14 Tribal Gaming Analysis

16 NIGC Regions

18 Portland Region

19 Sacramento Region

20 Phoenix Region

21 St. Paul Region

22 Oklahoma City Region

23 Tulsa Region

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24 Washington D.C. Region

25 Notes, Sources & Acknowledgments

ii | 2014 Commercial & Tribal Gaming Stats

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