914119--DALÍ--Carmen Harpist Symbol of Carmen’s Love, 1970

Salvador Dalí

Carmen: Harpist: Symbol of Carmen’s Love, 1970

Salvador Dalí interprets Bizet's famous opera, 'Carmen', and his work returns to all things Spanish and reveals his fascination with the colorful psychedelic explosion of those mind-bending times. As Sixties' political rebellion gives way to Seventies' decadence, we find the Spanish master undertaking his famous 'Carmen' series of colored lithographs, published in 1970. The brigands, gypsies, and smugglers, who form the cast of this most beloved of operas, are the perfect counterpoint to Dalí's increasingly distracting wealth and fame. Dalí would depict the bullfight numerous times throughout his career and Bizet's opera, set in Seville and featuring the toreador Escamillo in a primary role, provides Dalí with an ideal context in which to explore this most Spanish pastime.

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