Guidelines - Responsible Exchange and Volunteering 2018


Guideline for Good Practice and Responsible Volunteering and Exchange

The following manual has been developed with funding support from GIZ as part of the African German Youth Initiative (AGYI) service offer with sector inputs consolidated by a working group of experts in the field of cultural & knowledge exchange and youth mobility. Click here “ Background to the AGYI ” or see page 53. The purpose of the manual is to provide useful information and guidance for exchange practitioners, stakeholders and roleplayers to improve the quality of youth exchange and lead to responsible growth in the sector. It is recognized that exchange is a broad and diverse sector and it is unlikely that one Guideline will cover every aspect of every type of exchange. The Guideline will provide useful insights into key considerations for most forms of exchange as it looks at operational, logistical and legislative aspects for the sector. Some aspects may be more relevant to certain exchanges than others, legislation is with reference to South Africa and SADC partners should cross-reference their laws for applicabaility and some sections may be speak strongly to your operational needs and interests while others may not.

African German Youth Initiative Page 3 of 67 Guidelines lead by Mike Denison (WESSA – AGYI South Africa) Acknowledgements – AGYI Guidelines Working Group Bergit Schweizer, Dennis Lane, Andreas Moeckel, Mpolokeng Setswammung, Dambisa Dube, Walusungu Ngulube, Siphiwe Mhlangeni & Sandile Mgidlana. User Friendly Format The guideline is presented as follows: 1. Detailed contents page for easy reference with “click links” to relevant sections of the document. 2. CHAPTER 1: Guidelines as a resource tool kit for practitioners in youth exchange and volunteering 3. CHAPTER 2: Guidelines in Detail considers each of these topical areas in more detail. In text “click links” facilitate navigation to other relevant sections, annexures and templates. 4. Notes to Manual and Annexures provides further detail on sections, includes useful templates, links to on-line resources and other interesting content. While not an exclusive resource for African – German exchanges and the Engagement Global programs, it should be noted that these were influential in how the working group considered the content that is presented.

This Guideline was made possible through financial support from GIZ

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