Guidelines - Responsible Exchange and Volunteering 2018

Exchange / Volunteer Project Close Out

As practitioners, one must not underestimate the power of exchange/volunteering on an individual, their attachment to the host Organisation or community they have worked in, how they have matured as a person on project and that they may have reservations and fears about returning to their home country as a changed individual. Strong exit structures will assist participants and Organisations in managing this.

Ensure you plan enough time for effective, meaningful exiting

Written / oral feedback – Exit interview It is recommended that participants to projects have an exit interview or written/online feedback and evaluation form prior to departure. Obviously the exchange experience, and particularly the learning through reflection, is ongoing for all the actors and this guideline acknowledges that the exit interview is merely one-take or position on the part of the participants experience. Follow-up feedback can continue as a post-project exercise and it may produce new insights and learnings. This guideline favors an oral exit interview as it allows for reflexive discussion with the participant/s. For projects associated to the Africa German Youth Initiative and situated within Engagement Global’s Programs, there will be specific data requested of exiting participants which will enhance the overall understanding of the exchange sector in South Africa. All practitioners, irrespective of whether they are Engagement Global Programs or not are invited to include the AGYI data [contact to participate in this process].

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