Guidelines - Responsible Exchange and Volunteering 2018

The exit interview/feedback session should include the following key areas for reflection ( there are a number of different formats that can be used for the below. Try where possible to illicit as much information and detail as possible ): 1. Level of quality of pre-placement information, its accuracy, relevance and establish the mechanisms that allowed participants to readily and easily access information prior to coming on the project 2. Placement value – this must divulge “how beneficial, necessary and appropriate” the experience was to the participant 3. Weaknesses – through the eyes of the participant, what were the weakest aspects of the experience? They must reflect on the work they undertook, accommodation, catering, transport, access to other value-added experiences, host Organisation support, sending Organisation support, preparedness for the placement. 4. Challenges – this is different to weaknesses and should focus on aspects that may be unchangeable but were experienced as difficult for the participant. This is important in how practitioners prepare and orientate participants going forward. 5. Strengths – this should elicit highlight moments, activities and experiences throughout the experience from pre-arrival to project departure which have dramatically enhanced the overall exchange experience. 6. Qualitative benefits through volunteering/exchange: • can the volunteer identify specific changes to themselves as a result of the exchange/volunteering. What are these changes and how do they think this is of benefit to their futures as well as the broader society? • can the participant identify specific benefits to the host Organisation and / or local community as a result of their participation as a participant? • what negative aspects has the participant felt as a result of their time volunteering? Encourage them to think critically in this regard. As a host or sending organisation, it is recommended you manage your data for use at a sectoral level. The exchange and volunteering sector needs to build an increasingly strong case with government to show the value, and it is through access to data that this can be done. Departure plan This plan should be integrated into the activity plan for both the host and the participant. Mistakes or poor communication related to departures can be both stressful and costly to all concerned. - Participant has clear knowledge (preferably printed departure plan) of the roll-out of their departure day - Time and place of pick-up - Flight details and departure terminal if necessary

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