Channels Spring 2016



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Hughes award-winning technologies and services transform daily lives of millions around the globe.

F or Hughes, 2015 was a banner year. Revenues and new orders each exceeded $1 billion, HughesNet ® crossed over

1 million active users in North America, and globally Hughes surpassed 5 million terminals shipped to customers in more than 100 countries. And if any further testi- mony was needed of its combined leadership in broadband technologies

and services, the Federal Communi- cations Commission reported that

HughesNet Gen4 ® deliv- ered advertised download and upload speeds at higher rates than any other Internet

Service Provider (ISP)—satellite or terrestrial broadband provider—in the

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2 Executive Corner Grant Barber recaps major achievements for Hughes in 2015 and outlines its strategic focus for 2016.

5 FCC: HughesNet is #1 HughesNet Gen 4 Internet service #1 in meeting advertised performance

4 Yukon Quest 2016 Event judges, staff, volunteers, and veterinarians stay connected with each other and race fans over HughesNet ® .

9 JUPITER System Now Even Better! Major software release adds new capabilities for HTS operators.

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