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S t Thomas More College has been lucky enough to secure 242 NRAS (National Rental Affordability Scheme) reserved allocations to develop new facilities to complement the current provision of the College. NRAS is sponsored by both the State and Federal governments and provides a financial incentive for the development of affordable housing. A number of universities around the country, including the University of Western Australia, have been granted incentives to develop their on-campus accommodation. This in turn is expected to relieve pressure on the local rental market and therefore bring the cost of housing down. T he graphic above depicts an artist’s impression of the Mounts Bay Rd frontage upon completion. We are building with

the view to having these rooms available by the start of the 2016 academic year. While this type of accommodation will appeal to older andperhaps postgraduate students, it is the view of the College that students who have come through the existing accommodation, who qualify under the NRAS conditions, would have the option of procuring one of these rooms to rent. T he new rooms are to be fully self-contained with an ensuite bathroom and cooking facilities. There will still be shared laundry facilities in the new buildings as well as common areas for both socialising and studying. S tudents who move into these apartments will be encouraged to maintain their community connections with the broader College. While there will be the

capacity for these students to fully cater for themselves, it is anticipated that manywill choose to go on to what are commonly called “meal plans”. That is, they may opt to have certain meals in the main College dining room at particular times of the week. Further information and graphis can be found on the following pages of this emagazine. This document will be updated from time to time as the project proceeds so please visit the website whenever you would like to see how things are progressing. This project builds on St Thomas More College’s rich heritage and creates the infrastructure to support future students to become the leaders of tomorrow.

TomMitchell Head of St ThomasMore College

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NRAS Building Project

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