Fredricksburg Farms


Burn time 75-100 hours

West Texas Saddle Leather (R2001) $28.00 This strong leather fragrance reminds us of the smell of well-oiled saddles in our Papaw’s tack room. Men especially love this candle! Hill Country Lavender (R2025) $28.00 Lavender farms dot the Texas Hill Country and our soy-based candle captures the clean, refreshing fragrance of freshly cut lavender blooms. Relax and enjoy! Texas Bluebonnet (R2019) $28.00 Close your eyes and imagine yourself in a field of bluebonnets, we have captured this lightly sweet spring scent ina truedeep “bluebonnet blue” color. Orange Vanilla (R2000) $28.00 Juicy orange notes and a soft, smooth vanilla scent combine and may remind you of a favorite childhood ice cream treat in this soy-based long burning candle.

Wax Melts

Spiced Orange (R6102) $8.00 The spicy scent of cloves wrapped in citrusy orange essence reminds us of Grandma’s clove-studded oranges spread throughout the house. Our 6 cube pack of soy-basedwaxmeltsmake it so easy to enjoy “flamelessly”! West Texas Saddle Leather (R6104) $8.00 Think of the smell of a well-oiled saddle or a new pair of leather boots. We have captured this scent in a soy-based flameless wax melt! Buy 2 as it will be your favorite! Hill Country Lavender (R6106) $8.00 The clean herbal fragrance of freshly cut lavender blossoms will fill the roomwhen you use this soy-based wax melt in your favorite burner. Relax and enjoy! Texas Bluebonnet (R6103) $8.00 Think springtime in Texas! This waxmelt offers the soft, sweet fragrance of bluebonnets in easymelt cubes….candle fragrancewithout the flame! Orange Vanilla (R6124) $8.00 Scrumptiously wonderful vanilla and orange fragrances will tickle your nose when you enjoy this soy-based wax melt. It is a perennial favorite so order two… one to share! Sweet Pea (R6107) $8.00 Remember blooming sweet pea vines climbing a trellis in Grandma’s yard? We do, and we have captured the delicate sweet scent in a soft pink flameless soy-based wax melt. Buttery Vanilla (R6109) $8.00 Think of warm kitchens replete with baked goodies. Butter and vanilla fragrances enhance this soy-based wax melt and let you enjoy the great “just baked goodies” scent without the mess! Bird of Paradise (R6110) $8.00 This deep purple wax melt offers an exotic strong floral scent. It reminds us of a summer evening in the tropics with the heady fragrance of blooming flowers wafting on the breeze.

Group of 2 for $56.00 $48.00 (R5234)

Group of 2 for $56.00 $48.00 (R5235)

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