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Ciaran O’Neill

IS YOUR KITCHEN BIG ENOUGH FOR AN ISLAND? If your kitchendoesn’t havean island, youmight bedreamingof thedayyouhave an extra prep surface or somewhere to gather and visit with family and friends. However, you may also be wondering if your kitchen is even big enough for an island. The good news is that with so many island options available – there’s likely a fit for your space. Of course, if your kitchen is small a huge, multi-level island with a cooktop or sink isn’t going to happen. But something compact – potentially with wheels, could be perfect. If you prefer something built-in, talk to a kitchen designer and see what ideas come up. Perhaps a slender, custom- built island is in your future. The great news about a smaller kitchen island is that it likely will have a smaller cost. Meaning you can save your money for another reno – or for a new set of kitchenware!

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