2016 OWE Miracle Auction BookletAUCTION ITEMS ONLY

LIVE AUCTION LOT #1000 B urning L ove W ine B arrel F ire P it with OWE wines and R iedel wine glasses for 4

Bring your love of the vineyards to your very own yard! Smokin’ Barrel Works takes authentic wine and whiskey barrels and converts them into smokeless Fire Pits, each one a unique, made-to-last creation guaranteed to impress your friends and family. The fire runs on propane that is easily concealed inside the barrel. You’ll be mesmerized by the sight of flames dancing across the top of the barrel as if it were liquid set ablaze. Take this home tonight and enjoy years of camaraderie and conversation around this beautiful fire pit. We’ll even help you out and provide special Oregon Wine Experience wine and a Riedel glass set for your first get-together. Featured Wines: Oregon Wine Experience 2014 DANCIN “Danseur” Syrah Oregon Wine Experience 2013 Irvine Family Vineyards Viognier

Value: $1100 Generously Donated by Smokin’ Barrel Works


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