MFVA 2016 Annual Meeting & Newsletter

Mission: The mission of the Michigan Foundation for Vision Awareness (MFVA) is to provide education outreach to people of all ages regarding their vision and eye health; to award academic scholarships to optometric students; to help fund grants to organizations that support vision related scientific research and to award grants to organizations helping the underserved that promote eye health and well-being. July 2016 Contact information: MFVA c/o Michigan Optometric Association 530 W. Ionia Street, Suite A Lansing, MI 48933-1062 Ph. (517)482-0616 (MFVA tab)

WELCOME!! Looking back over 2015-2016, it was a very successful transition year from a membership-based to a contributor- based Foundation. Thanks to our Foundation contributors and to the MFVA Board of Trustees, we are pleased to report that the Michigan Foundation for Vision Awareness continues to financially support the future of Michigan optometry with funding for our talented researchers, optometry students, and organizations helping the underserved that promote eye health and well-being. With a carefully managed endowment portfolio and continual growth of the endowment from our contributors, the Foundation hopes to provide increased financial support in scholarships, and grants in 2016-2017. The Foundation takes pride in its continued growth and the successes of the exceptional individuals and groups we have supported. You can make an investment in the future of Michigan Optometry by continuing your contributions or becoming a new contributor to the Michigan Foundation for Vision Awareness! Contributors of MFVA are encouraged to attend the Annual Meeting (information on page 4) and serve in an advisory capacity for long range planning and review of current strategies. MFVA 2015-2016 Board of Trustees • Matthew Klein, PhD. – President • Vacant – President-Elect • Michael Becker – Immediate Past President • Nancy Peterson-Klein, O.D. –Secretary • Michael Becker – Treasurer • Cheryl Nametz, Trustee – Newsletter • Mark Manders, Trustee – Charitable Donations • Robert Holmes Jr., Trustee – Donor Liaison • Julia Holmes, O.D., Trustee – Scholarships

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• Robert Nesom, O.D., Trustee – Grants • Cynthia Brown Geneva, O.D. – Trustee • Sara Weidmayer, O.D. – Trustee • Julie Marvin-Manders, O.D. – Trustee **Matthew Agnone – MCO Student Liaison

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