Indiana LTAP Newsletter (Winter 2014)


Winter 2014, Vol. 32 No. 1

A Federal Highway Administration LTAP Technology Transfer Newsletter

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We Focus on Tomorrow Forecasting Indiana’s Weather for Winter Road Maintenance A forecast team at Purdue University seeks to offer weather information specific for winter road operations.

1 Forecasting Indiana’s

Weather for Winter Roads

3 Welcome 2014: Best

Wishes for the New Year

Word is that a winter storm is ap- proaching. The storm may start in the early evening and last through the night, possibly dropping several inch- es of snow, and perhaps even bringing ice buildup as well. Crews may need to work through the night to keep the

maintenance plans. This program is managed by Michael Baldwin, Associate Professor of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences at Purdue University, whose team works in partnership with the Joint Transportation Research Program (JTRP). The Winter Weather

4 Spotlight on Innovation:

Traffic Calming inWestfield

6 Making Roads Safe and Accessible for All Users

“We focus on tomorrow, since that’s where plans are being put into place and people are being called in for midnight plow driving.” —Dr. Michael Baldwin

8 LTAPStudentsToday:

roads clear—or into the morning, if the wind or tempera- tures change and the storm comes late . . . How can you get some of those


Forecast program runs a numerical model at high resolution for its weather prediction services. The model covers the

9 Communicating

Effectively on Facebook

10 Indiana LTAP at the IACC Conference 11 CEPDS 28 Conference Report

“mays” and “ifs” out of your plans and replace them with a more definite course of action? A Numerical Model Approach The INDOT Winter Weather Forecast program is one resource available to help local agencies better identify upcoming weather conditions and define their corresponding road

eastern half of the United States, but is centralized on Indiana and is able to offer realistic forecasts of weather events and lake effect snow. The forecast team, consisting largely of meteorology students at Purdue University, produces daily

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