Vol 5 No. 14 Mon. Oct. 17 - Sun. Oct. 23, 2016

Revelation 19:7 Grooming the Bride for Christ ( )

Dr. Emmanuel-Sunny Ojeagbase

For Lovers Of Financial Freedom!

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Vol. 5 No. 14 Mon. October 17 - Sun. October 23, 2016

Types Of Money Personalities; Which Are You? Achieve Your Cas Saving Goals Faster, By Matching Your Financial Plans To Your Character!

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Page 6 & 7 Have Goals; Have Fun; Make A Difference; Stand On Your Own Feet; Be Loyal; Live Life To The Full; Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained. Lessons I Have Learned As A Direct Result Of The Challenges I Have Always Set For Myself (And Tried To Achieve) All My Life: Just Do It; Think Yes, Not No; Challenge Yourself; Key Concepts Covered In This Book:

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