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Getting Started a.

Creating an Account Logging into the Site

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Online Ordering Home Page


Products / Start Order


Orders a.

My Orders My Invoices

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Creation of Preliminary Claim








Get Started byVisiting

Logging into the Site

Creating an Account

1. Create your account by clicking the “Create an Online Account” in the upper right hand corner of the screen. 2. Fill in all the required fields; required fields are shown in green, optional fields are shown in gray. 3. After submitting your request, a member of our team will contact you within 48 hours with your username to log in.

1. Log in to your account by clicking the “Log In” in the upper right hand corner of the screen. 2. Enter your username and password. 3. Once logged in, you will be redirected to the online ordering homepage of the website.

If you forget your password at anytime, you may click the “Forgot Password” link and you will be directed to enter your email to retrieve your password.


Online Ordering Homepage

The online ordering homepage allows you to navigate through a few key options:

1. Start Order allows you to begin entering a new order. 2. My Orders gives you a summary of current open orders. 3. Start Claim allows you to submit preliminary claims on recently shipped orders.

The Promotions section at the bottom of the homepage is updated regularly with promotions and sales from our vendors.


Products / Start Order

Shopping from our Live Availability

1. Enter a ship date to begin your search. 2. While it is not required, we recommend filling in additional fields to help narrow down your search. 3. The Product Search field is a free form text search.You can enter Petunia, Red Petunia or Petunia Red and your search will find all relevant items.

When selecting from Categories, Forms or Vendors, simply click the + sign to add a selection to your search.To remove a selection, click the X next to the criteria under your selected list.

You may also hit the RESET SELECTION button to start over with your selection list.

Lastly, you can decide to show all products in our database, or just those with availability.


After CompletingYour Search Criteria...

1. Adjust the week numbers shown by using the arrow buttons on each side of the week numbers in the upper green bar. 2. View the pricing per item. 3. Enter quantities to be ordered for each week. Enter the number of units you would like to order (not the number of trays or bags).Your numbers will be automatically rounded up to the nearest multiple for which that item is available. Tip! The cells also take formulas and will automatically calculate the nearest count needed to fulfill your needs. For example, entering 144+72 will automatically adjust to 216 and then round up to the nearest multiple. 4. You can tab through the cells like you would with an Microsoft Excel file. 5. To advance to the next page of search results, simply select the page number from the dropdown in the header bar. 6. If you are ordering for multiple weeks at a time, you can choose how many weeks to show on screen at one time by clicking the dots under theView Cart button.The number of dots determines the number of weeks shown.

In the upper left hand side of the bar you will see three tabs that allow you to Show Case Totals, download a Microsoft Excel document of your order and be able to email your order. When downloading to Microsoft Excel, the spreadsheet will automatically convert pricing to 2 decimal points. Format your cells in Microsoft Excel to show 4 decimal points for accurate pricing information.


Once you have completed your order, select View Cart .

The system will break out your orders by vendor and by ship week numbers.To complete your orders, you will need to fill in the following information for each order submitted: 1. Customer PO if you require one. 2. ShipVia will drop down for you to select your preferred menthod of shipping. 3. Select one of your previous ship to addresses or add a new one here. 4. After completing the header information for each order, select Save Orders at the top.


My Orders Back on the Ordering Homepage you can select the My Orders button to see and filter through all of your open orders on the system. In the My Orders menu, you’ll be able to sort open orders by date range, vendor, ship-to location, etc. by using any of the filter keys in the green menu bar.

Note: the report automatically filters for 6 months worth of orders.You can change the date range by using the filter options. 8.

The initial screen allows you to:

1. Click on theView button to see the details of an individual order. 2. The Status column lets you know if a particular order can still be edited. Green indicates that an order can be fully modified. However if you’re changing ship dates, please contact our customer service department. Yellow indicates that you may add to an existing order, but not delete or decrease quantities of existing line items. Red indicates that an order is in process and cannot be edited.You should contact your sales or customer service representative for questions on these orders. 3. The Ship Method will provide you with tracking information if available after your order has shipped.

ViewingYour Order:

1. If the status of the order you’re viewing is green, you’ll be able to edit the order in this mode. 2. Click the Edit button at the top or bottom right-hand of the screen. Here you can: • add a Purchase Order number. • change your preferred ship method. • change the ship-to location. • change quantities of specific line items. • add items to an open order. 3. You will only be able to edit one order at a time.We ask that you complete edits on one order before moving onto another. 4. Once your changes are complete, click Save Order.

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Note: Ship weeks may not be changed online.To change a ship week, please contact your customer service or sales representative.


My Invoices

1. To view your invoiced orders, choose the Orders dropdown menu from any page and go to My Invoices. 2. Filter your invoices by date ranges. 3. You can also group your invoices by using the filter keys on the green header bars. 4. Click theView button next to any invoice for order details. 5. The Status column refers to the payment of the invoice - green is paid | yellow is partially paid | red is not paid. Note: the report automatically filters for 6 months worth of orders.You can change the date range by using the filter options.


Create a Preliminary Claim

Starting your claim has never been easier. Simply start with the Create Preliminary Claim link under Orders, select the order you wish to claim, reason why, attach a photo and finish. A photograph is required to submit all claims. Our representatives will contact you if they need any additional information. Bonus: By using our mobile site, you can do your claims in the greenhouse as product is received. Using your smartphone or tablet, automatically upload photos directly from your location and save time.



1. Orders Requiring Attention will show you any orders that you have started or modified, but not yet completed. 2. Orders for Coming 6Weeks will provide header data for any orders shipping in the next six weeks. 3. Invoices for Past 4Weeks will provide header data for any invoices processed in the last four weeks.



1. This section will allow you to see the complete selection of vendors in our product portfolio. 2. Click on any vendor to see a brief explaination of what that vendor is offering. 3. Use the check box above the vendor names to sort for vendors currently offering specials.



You can use the online ordering tool in a half size screen on your desktop to view it at the same time as other documents. To do this, resize your browser to the desired width and then refresh the site. To change how many weeks are shown at one time for availability, choose the dot buttons explained on page 6 of this document and then refresh your browswer. The majority of screens on the ordering site have an email or download icon that you can click anytime to send or download and excel spreadsheet of your current project. When emailing documents from the site, you can select a contact from the list associated with your profile or you can enter them manually. Manually entered addresses can be saved in the system for future requests.


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