Vaughans Web Guide

After CompletingYour Search Criteria...

1. Adjust the week numbers shown by using the arrow buttons on each side of the week numbers in the upper green bar. 2. View the pricing per item. 3. Enter quantities to be ordered for each week. Enter the number of units you would like to order (not the number of trays or bags).Your numbers will be automatically rounded up to the nearest multiple for which that item is available. Tip! The cells also take formulas and will automatically calculate the nearest count needed to fulfill your needs. For example, entering 144+72 will automatically adjust to 216 and then round up to the nearest multiple. 4. You can tab through the cells like you would with an Microsoft Excel file. 5. To advance to the next page of search results, simply select the page number from the dropdown in the header bar. 6. If you are ordering for multiple weeks at a time, you can choose how many weeks to show on screen at one time by clicking the dots under theView Cart button.The number of dots determines the number of weeks shown.

In the upper left hand side of the bar you will see three tabs that allow you to Show Case Totals, download a Microsoft Excel document of your order and be able to email your order. When downloading to Microsoft Excel, the spreadsheet will automatically convert pricing to 2 decimal points. Format your cells in Microsoft Excel to show 4 decimal points for accurate pricing information.


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