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Issue 83 Summer 2015

Olympia’s Long Session Leads to Results in Sumner for salmon. The SR 410/Traffic Avenue overpass replacement is a key step toward

Will Sumner Suffer a Dry Summer? As the State experiences a declared drought, Sumner expects few water problems, since our water comes from springs. But, water is always a precious resource, and conservation is a great idea no matter what the weather. We’ve made great strides in con- servation, and we can all do more with everyday choices to help conserve water and keep our water systems clean: ConservingWater • Water at night to get the water to your plants rather than evaporating at the height of the day’s sunshine and heat. • Sweep sidewalks and driveways rather than wash them. • Use low-flow faucets and shower heads. The “Water- Sense” sticker indicates models that reduce water use. • Turn off water while brushing your teeth. • Choose native plants for landscaping. They naturally thrive in our climate. • Locate your master water shut-off valve. • When running a bath, plug the drain right away. As the tub fills, you can regulate the temperature. • Use compost or mulch around plants to help them re- tain water longer and reduce the need for watering. • Need to freshen Fido’s water bowl? Use the old water to water a plant instead of tossing it down the drain. • Use commercial car washes. If washing at home, park the car on the lawn to filter grease and suds naturally while also watering the lawn! If using a charity car wash, check if they’re using a car wash kit to keep suds and grease out of the storm drains. • Fertilize carefully to make sure excess fertilizer doesn’t run off your yard and into the storm drains. • Pick up pet waste right away, including in your own yard. If left out, bacteria from the waste washes into our streams with every rainfall. • Recycle unused prescription drugs at the Sumner Po- lice Dept. lobby rather than flushing them down the toilet. Keeping OurWater Clean • Fix oil leaks right away.

not only general traffic flow but also improv- ing access to the Sound Transit station. This was the first year for Sumner to ask

for one large fund- ing project, let alone two. While we may not know for sure if Sumner got the fund- ing when this goes to press, the point is that our legislators really listened and got to work representing and pushing for Sumner’s needs. If you get a chance, please thank them for their efforts. We have a feeling that down in Olympia, they get way more asks than they do thanks. they were happy and excited. Thank you to all the stores, businesses and individuals who are working so hard to make guests feel so welcome. The USGA sent Danny Sink here about three years ago to prepare for this Open. Even in his first month, Danny commented that he had never experienced such friendly people ready to welcome guests from around the world. That has held true through the Open itself because that’s kind of how we roll anyway. Way to go, Sumner!

Rep. Drew Stokesbary updated the Sumner City Council in June.

Senator Pam Roach and Pierce County Councilmember Joyce McDonald; and floats from the Daffodil Festival, Bass Pro Shop, and Many Sumner businesses got to show off at the Open itself. Windmill Gardens decorated Spectator Square and hospitali- ty areas with spectacular flower displays. Dillanos Coffee served up brews in hospitality tents, and The Old Cannery helped Pierce County greet the USGA, FOX, caterers and me- dia with their friendliness and fudge. Sumner’s own Holiday Inn Express & Suites was full of out-of-town Open goers, and the front desk reported Sumner for two key projects. The White River Restoration Project will design ways to both reduce the risk of flood- ing on the White and increase the river’s health and habitat M ayor ’ s C olumn thanks to the work of Rep. Stokesbary and Senator Pam Roach. Both became strong champions of funding in

Even though I’m not a golf- er, I can’t help but talk about the U.S. Open being held in our county this year. This event did a lot for our region, and our appreciation goes to Pierce County Executive Pat McCarthy and her team for making it possible. Sumner got the party started with Open in Sumner the weekend before the Open. We raised close to $6,000 for Friends of American Lake Veterans Golf Course as we gathered for the outdoor concert and movie, enjoyed those incredible putt-putt holes, cheered ACT 1’s Danc- ing Caddies, and enjoyed the Main Street Parade. This really became Pierce County’s celebration including may- ors and deputy mayors from Tacoma, Puyallup, Edgewood, Fife, Bonney Lake, and Orting; the 19400 block of Bonney Lake Blvd E and the Justice Center’s gravel parking lot at 18411 89th St E, open daily 8 am–8 pm. Another option is the Pierce County Transfer Stations with more on the County website at www. Construction also means that access to the shed for the Bonney Good Sumner Grow soil amendment will be temporarily closed. The City of Sumner will continue to provide truck deliveries. In mid-June, Representative Drew Stokesbary came to the Sumner City Council to give an update from Olympia. He had assumed they’d be done, and he could give a recap, but instead, it was a progress report. Despite the delays, Sumner is poised to come out of this session quite well,

Mayor Dave Enslow

Our choices help keep Sumner’s rivers clean.

Expansion Necessitates Recycling Changes

Dillanos served coffee in hospital- ity tents throughout the Open.

Due to construc- tion

In the meantime, recycling options are available nearby at 314 27th St N in Puyallup (be- hind the Elks Lodge off East Main Street, just southwest of Sumner). Other options include DM Disposal’s facility at 70th Ave East off Levy Rd in Fife. This site closes at 3:00 pm Monday thru Friday, and is open on weekends, limited to when staff is present. Bonney Lake offers two glass only areas, one at Allan Yorke Park – Ball field #4 parking lot in

for the much-

needed expansion

at the Wastewater Treatment Facility, the recycling center at the end of State Street will need to close temporarily through the summer. The recycling area shut down the week of June 15 and will remain closed through at least September. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Windmill Gardens helped make Spectator Square look spectacular!

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