AFC Code Description – Fori Meat Snacks

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4170001 Chili Beef 4170003 Moroccan Lamb 4170005 Piri Piri Chicken 4170007 Thai Turkey

12x20g 12x20g 12x20g 12x20g

£25.08 £25.08 £25.08 £25.08

£2.09 £2.09 £2.09 £2.09

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6 months’ shelf life

WHAT’S THE STORY? We were training for an ultra marathon and starting to feel empty despite the countless amount of energy bars we were consuming on long runs. As a result, we changed our strategy and started eating more whole foods the results were surprising. We felt stronger, lasted longer and recovered quicker. We liked Jerky but found it hard to digest, we loved chorizo but the fat content was too high and we couldn’t survive on nuts and fruit alone! So the following months were spent either on the trail or in the kitchen as we strived to create the perfect snack was created.

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