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elcome to RELIANCE rewards 2017

Reliance Steel & Aluminum Co. and its Family of Companies are proud to offer the RELIANCE rewards Benefits Program to our employees and their families. RELIANCE rewards provides you with access to quality care at employee contributions below the national average for employees of other employers’ plans. In conjunction with our company wellness program, wellness @reliance , RELIANCE rewards strives to support you and your family in reaching your health and wellbeing goals. This 2017 RELIANCE rewards Benefits Guide provides information that you’ll need to know about your 2017 benefits. Please take time to read this guide carefully so you can make the best coverage choices for you and your family. You can find additional information on your RELIANCE rewards benefits by going to RELIANCE roots and clicking on Employee Resources .

2017 Annual Enrollment will be held October 24 through November 4, 2016 . To enroll for the first time or to make changes to your existing benefit elections effective January 1, 2017, go to www.benefitenroll. com . You can also call the RELIANCE rewards Call Center at 855-RRR-WARD or 855-777- 9273 .


ELIANCE rewards Benefits Eligibility

ELIGIBLE EMPLOYEES You are eligible to participate in the RELIANCE rewards benefits plans if you are an active full-time employee. If you are a member of a union, please refer to your collective bargaining agreement, or ask your local HR representative which benefits you are eligible to receive, and the eligibility date of those benefits. ELIGIBLE DEPENDENTS Eligible dependents include your spouse, domestic or civil union partner, natural children, step-children or legally adopted children, legal guardian children, or children of To cover your eligible dependents, you will be required to submit verification for each enrolled dependent by uploading acceptable documentation to the BenefitEnroll website. Go to the RELIANCE roots Employee Resources section to see the complete list of acceptable documents for dependent verification. COVERAGE ENDS ON THE DATE OF YOUR EMPLOYMENT TERMINATION Coverage for you and your dependents ends on the day your employment terminates. This includes coverage under life, accidental death and dismemberment, and participation in the FSA. Go to the RELIANCE roots Employee Resources section to view coverage continuation information. your domestic or civil union partner. DEPENDENT VERIFICATION

No person may be covered both as an employee and a dependent, and no

person may be covered as a dependent of more than one employee under RELIANCE rewards .


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