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Contents Page 3 President’s Report - Introducing the new president Andrew C. Cherry

OSE Future Events 2010

Pages 14-15 News of OSE

Summer Term 2010 Saturday

Thursday 7th October OSE: London Drinks (London Rowing Club) Friday 8th October Friends: Gary Waldhorn ‘From Shakespeare to Dibley’ (Martyrs Pavilion) OSE: East Anglia Regional Lunch (St John’s College, Cambridge) Thursday 14th October Martyrs Golf: Autumn Meeting at Walton Heath: Sunday 5th December OSE: Carol Service, 3.30pm Spring Term 2011 Thursday 13th January SES Society meeting: East India Club, London 6.00pm Saturday 22nd January Friends: Highland Fling, Sunday 10th October

Pages 16-17 OSE in Business

14th August Martyrs Rugby: Church 7’s Saturday 28th August Martyrs Rugby: Harpenden 7’s Monday 30th August

Pages 4-7 Profiles

Pages 18-20 Obituaries

Pages 8-9 Rhubarb Rhubarb Teddies history of Rhubarb, puzzles and games Pages 10-12 Archives The first 50 years of the Creative Arts at the School, 1863-1913.

Pages 21-22 Obituaries Former Common Room

Page 23 Events 2009/10

Martyrs Rugby: Cronk Cunis U21’s, Richmond Autumn Term 2010 Saturday 11th September OSE: Year Representatives’ Dinner (Martyrs Pavilion) 7.00pm Sunday (Rugby, Hockey, Soccer, Harriers, Squash & Golf) Sunday 12th September Martyrs Golf - Match v SES & Common Room at SES. Sunday 12th September Martyrs Golf - Match v Old Wykehamists at Walton Heath Thursday 16th September SES Society meeting: - Warden’s Lodgings 6.30pm Tuesday 21st September Martyrs Golf - Midlands Meeting at Longcliffe GC 12th September Martyrs: Sports Day

Pages 24-25 St Edward’s Martyrs

Pages 26-27 St Edward’s School – Termly update

Page 13 Congratulations

Hello and welcome to the first edition of r h u b a r b , the new publication devoted to OSE. In addition to the more familiar pages, I am delighted to introduce a number of entirely new sections which I hope will appeal to OSE of all vintages. This r h u b a r b sees the arrival of our Profiles section (pages 4 – 7), which features OSE from the 70s and 90s, as well as one of our SES Society members, Theodor Abrahamsen, who left the School in 1939. You will also find some light entertainment in the Rhubarb Rhubarb section (p. 8 – 9), where a ‘compote’ of random rhubarb facts sits alongside recipes and puzzles. This is followed by the new (and slightly more serious) OSE in Business feature, on pages 16 and 17. Here, we aim to help OSE in the promotion of their

New Hall Monday

28th February OSE: Nottingham University. Undergrad Supper Sunday 27th March Martyrs’ Hockey v The School Saturday 2nd April OSE: Dinner and AGM at the School

businesses, as well as demonstrating to young, entrepreneurial OSE the possibilities and opportunities that await them after School or further education. If you have started your own enterprise or charity and would like it to appear in the next edition of r h u b a r b , please contact me through one of the methods below. On pages 26 and 27 you will find some current School news. A more regular update, ENews, is now being produced by Tracy van der Heiden, our new marketing manager. Again, contact me if you would like to have this colourful and entertaining insight into School ‘goings-on’ emailed your way – the wonders of technology, eh?! Our Society depends on the input of time, participation and ideas from you, our OSE. We would love to hear feedback on this new publication, news about yourselves and your contemporaries or any suggestions for events. This feedback will help the Society to thrive as part of the School and is absolutely essential for our improvement, growth and continued success... ... so do get in touch, and in the meantime I hope you enjoy your r h u b a r b .

Keen to play with the Martyrs? Please get in touch if you are interested in getting involved with any of the above Martyrs events. Please either check on the website for contact details of the Martyrs representatives – ( www.stedwards.oxon.sch.uk/martyrs-reps ) or call the OSE office on 01865 319438 for Phillipa to help put you in touch. Were you in the School shooting team? Do you shoot now? We are trying to revive a Martyrs rifle shooting team for a fixture against the School on Martyrs Day (12 September). Please get in touch if you are interested. Training in the range can be provided for those who are a little rusty!

Phillipa Minty, External Relations, St Edward’s School, Woodstock Road, Oxford, ox2 7nn 01865 319438 | mintyp@stedwards.oxon.sch.uk With thanks to: Ellie Trotman and RBDA


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