HCHS Today October 2017


After one of the hottest Septembers on record, we finally get to transition into autumn. If you’ve been by the school, you’ve seen that site preparation for the new field house is well underway. With some luck regarding the weather, ground should be broken this fall, and we should begin seeing some visible progress before winter. It’s going to be a long, complicated construction project, but we are going to have a building that will serve generations of students to come and that the community can be proud to have supported. Because of the faith and confidence of our taxpayers, Hononegah will have the funds to build the fieldhouse; but the long-term funding of our district, and most public school districts in Illinois, has been in jeopardy over the past years. I think that most people are in agreement that property taxes are not the fairest, or even the best way of providing the majority of our public school funding; yet with all the discussion of possible alternatives, the State may now have a method for funding that will provide for the needs of all school children in Illinois. We’re lucky to be in this district for a number of reasons—the quality of our schools is just one. It ’s an investment we have to care for, and that has always been a great balancing act. As a school board, we are elected to make decisions in the best interests of our taxpayers and our students. We have to provide the best possible education for our students while assuring that our taxpayers get the best return on the investment of their tax dollars. I believe that the return on investment is outstanding. Our schools have a great reputation because our students get a terrific education preparing them for their futures. Our schools also have a positive effect on the area because they attract new residents to the area. Presumably, the attraction of our schools will make our homes more desirable to buyers when we decide to sell them. This is exactly the campaign the Rockford School District is pushing as they try to make Rockford a “destination district.” Hononegah has been a destination district for years. The fact that families still want to move here to have their children educated in our area elementary schools and then at Hononegah speaks to a long tradition of excellence. It also speaks to the perennial support by the community of a successful educational system. We have expected that our public schools produce students who are ready for whatever their futures bring. No one enjoys paying taxes, but it’s a little easier when you see the value you get for paying them. Hononegah has always appreciated the support of its taxpayers and will continue making sure that the community gets the best-educated students possible. There are very few things in which to invest than our youth. Our regular Board meetings are on the third Wednesday of each month at 7 p.m. in the school library. If you are interested in being placed on the agenda to speak or would like to attend a committee meeting where most of our planning is done, please call the district office at 624-5010. You can always contact me at 389-1382 or e-mail me at dkurli@ hononegah.org .

Board of Education

District-Level Administration

Building-Level Administration

Lynn Gibson, Ed.D.

David Kurlinkus, President

Eric Flohr, Principal

Mary Lewis, Vice-President

Superintendent/Business Manager

Chad Dougherty, Executive Associate Principal

Sandy Fordell, Secretary

Kathleen Eckmann, Associate Principal

Kim Suedbeck, Ed.D.

Bob Geddeis

Assistant Superintendent

David Lombardo, Assistant Principal

Fred Hasse

Sean Milner

Daniel Phelps, Assistant Principal

Financial Director

Sarah Moore, Assistant Principal for Student Services

Diane LaForge

Scott Wallace

Steve Cofoid, Athletic/Activities Director


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