Bringing Pets into Luxembourg


We understand that pets are often a part of the family and it is important that their move is as happy as yours. The following information will help point you in the right direction to help you bring your pets safely over to Luxembourg and ensure this move is within the law.

GETTING ORGANIZED To import a dog into Luxembourg, the following conditions must be met: + The dog must be identified by a microchip + The dog must have a valid anti-rabies vaccination

+ The dog must have a completed European passport or have a health certificate from a non-EU country, issued and signed by an official veterinarian to certify that the conditions to enter the EU are fulfilled

REGISTRATION AT THE COMMUNE OF RESIDENCE Dogs imported into Luxembourg must be registered at the commune of residence within 1 month. The following documents are required: + Certificate from a veterinarian which mentions the breed of the dog, whether the dog is potentially dangerous and the dog’s current rabies vaccination status + Certificate from an insurance company established in Luxembourg which proves dog owner's civil liability for any damages the animal may cause to third parties + Registration form which provides details about the owner, the breed of the dog, its electronic identification number and its rabies vaccination status

ANNUAL TAX Communes of residence collect an annual dog tax, which equals at least 10 euros per year, with the amount varying from commune to commune. No tax refund or deduction is provided in case of death or loss of a dog.

IMPORTANT Please note that the majority of landlords prefer tenants without pets and can, therefore, discriminate against an application on these grounds. This may be due to a previous bad experience or simply that the property is not suitable for animals and it is stipulated in “Residence Rules” adopted by the majority of apartment owners.

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