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We are a global operating mat manufacturer and are amongst the leading mat producers in the world. We have achieved our leading position with our three factories in Austria, Great Britain and Poland where we produce all our mats for the European market. Kleen-Tex was founded in the US in 1967 by the Howard family and they are still involved in the global manage- ment of the company. Kleen-Tex has produced mats for the European market since 1995 and its corporate clients are companies based in a range of sectors hotel & hospitality, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, sport and leisure facilities, and manufacturing. Our mats are of the highest quality, robust and designed for multi-purpose use. Quality and Competence - Made in Europe!

Being a manufacturer we have acquired wide expertise since we are in char- ge of the whole production process, from development to manufacturing. Highest quality and excellent service are always keys and we aim to comply with your individual matting requirements. Mats from our standard stock are immediately available for delivery within 48 hrs, whereas custom-made mats are delivered reliably and fast. Our 2 Chromojet - printing machines in Austria and Poland can print indi- vidual designs of a width up to 2 m in a fast and timely manner. Being a manufacturer with a long-standing experience we can offer you the best quality to the fairest prices.

Customer-oriented service ”locally“ Our three locations in Europe allow a nearly local assistance for the whole order process from initial enquiry to delivery. Our experienced employees are specifically trained with regards to Kleen-Tex Commercial Products and can advise you comprehensively about the best suited products for your field of application. Excellent communication is a vital part for a partnership. We attach a great importance to that! Buying with the best knowledge Our long experience in the production of mats and our tight cooperation with our business partners has enabled us to know the needs and demands of our customers thoroughly. This is why Kleen-Tex Commercial posses the significant characteristics that are essential for the right purchasing decision and also our reputation of having trouble-free mats in buildings across Europe.

Just in Time There are frequently situations where fast is not fast enough. Our broad experience has proven that flexible and fast actions are essential decision factors. That is why our Kleen-Tex Commercial products are on stock in the popular standard sizes and available for despatch within 48h. The standard sizes of our products are noted on their product sheets.

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