Submitting Marketing Requests

Submitting Marketing Requests

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For Best Results Do not send new requests to the "All Marketing" email address or reach out to specific members of the marketing team for a new request. Doing so creates confusion as to which of our professionals should process it and creates risk that no one may do so. Do send general questions to "All Marketing" email address. Feel free to reach out to Marketing teammembers who are assigned to your request with additional information or follow-up conversations. Do send you local social media content to "All Marketing". Submitting a Donation Request Form A donation Request Form is submitted in a similar fashion as a marketing request, simply choose the "Donation Request" link on OneStop. Use this form for ALL donations. D Request for payment is automatically included in the donation request workflow and will be forwarded to Accounts Payable. A link for a recorded training session is available near the Donations Request Form under Marketing on OneStop. As stated in OneStop, donations less than $250 that are not CRA qualified can be paid with a Teller Check at your office. Donations of $250 or more and/or for CRA credit must be paid by accounts payable. If advertising or logos are needed to support the donation, complete a Marketing Request Form and marketing will supply them as directed. For additional information, contact Deb Bakken, Marketing Administrative Officer.

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