Porgy and Bess


Commemorative Gifts Gifts of $500 and above contributed in the name of a friend, loved one or colleague are a unique expression of thoughtfulness. In Memory Of: Elsa E. Bandi from Walter F. Bandi Robert G. Bartle from Mrs. Robert G. Bartle Bruno Bartoletti from Robert and Laura Chen Roman Block from Mr. and Mrs. Eugene F. Fama Dr. W. Gene Corley from Lynd W. Corley Lois Dunn from Kathy Dunn Morris and Anna Fishbein from Justin and Marianne Fishbein John Flanzer from Mrs. Harold M. Flanzer Carl A. and Fern B. Gaensslen from Robert E. Gaensslen Betty Rae Gilbert from her family John D. Gray from J. Douglas Gray Laura Ladish Jacobson from Mary Ladish Selander and her family Deborah Jannotta from an Anonymous Donor Sandra L. Grung Bill and Vicki Hood William Laird Kleine-Ahlbrandt from Sheila Ann Hegy Ardis Krainik from Elizabeth Upjohn Mason John H. Ladish from Mary Ladish Selander and his family John A. Leer, Jr. MD from Mary Anne Leer Dr. Ernest Mond from Mary and John Gedo and his many friends and family Virginia Byrne Mooney from Kathleen Vondran Dr. Antonio E. Navarette from Virginia Navarette George Nichols, Jr. from Nancy Nichols and his many friends and family Salvatore L. Nigro, M.D. from Carol M. Nigro Neil Oberg from Susan and Bryan Erler Richard Pearlman from Howard and Cathy Niden June B. Pinsof from Harvey and Madeleine Plonsker Dr. Robert A. Pringle from Marla McCormick Pringle Bertha Rabin from Dr. Sondra C. Rabin Marilyn and Roland Resnick from J. Peter Kline and Julio Padin, Jr. and their many friends and family Dr. Sheldon K. Schiff from Mrs. Sheldon K. Schiff Dr. Robert J. Strzyz from Dr. Bernadette Strzyz King Stutzman from Patricia J. Janas and his many friends and family Henry S. Tausend from Mrs. Henry S. Tausend Stephen A. Thau from Janet D. Thau George and Helen Toscas from Jacquelyn Toscas-Fuchs Bruce M. Turnmire from Jean Milnarik Turnmire Dr. Ronald Milnarik Nancy Wald from an Anonymous Donor Ruth and Irving Waldshine from Marcia Purze and Deane Ellis Arthur Weiner from Fredrick and Susan Gohl Jim and Nelly Kilroy and his many friends and family Carol Winston from an Anonymous Donor and her many friends and family Bernarr Wixon from the Riverside Chapter Dale E. Wooley from Regina James M. Jean Trowbridge Jeffrey and Debra Trowbridge Nikolay Zhizhin from Larisa Zhizhin In Honor Of: Katherine A. Abelson and Robert J Cornell from John Hart and Carol Prins Julie and Roger Baskes from Patricia A. Kenney and Gregory J. O’Leary Suzanne L. Wagner Lester and Renée Crown from Mr. and Mrs. Newton N. Minow Elizabeth Cole Prince Charitable Trusts Sonia Florian from an Anonymous Donor Anne N. Reyes from Patrick G. Ryan and Shirley Welsh Ryan Andrea and Jim Gordon/ The Edgewater Funds Jan Shucart and the Chapter Office Staff from Dorothy Kuechl Lois Siegel from Ramona O. Mitchell Jack and Dee Singleton from Margles Singleton and Clay Young Robert and Flo Weiss from Mr. and Mrs. Charles Huebner The Honorable Corinne Wood from Lidia and David Devonshire Please consider giving a Commemorative Gift. All gifts will be promptly acknowledged with a beautiful card displaying the Lyric Opera fire curtain sent to whomever you choose. For more information, please call us at 312/332-2244, Ext. 3500. Anthony Freud from the Evanston Chapter Paula Getman from Concierge Unlimited International and her many friends and family Ron and Christina Gidwitz from Bob and Mimi Murley Catherine Graham from Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Morrison Patrick G. Ryan and ShirleyWelsh Ryan Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Yu and her many friends and family Edgar D. Jannotta from Sandra L. Grung Richard P. and Susan Kiphart from Daniel Fischel and Sylvia Neil and their many friends and family Margot and Josef Lakonishok from Liz and Arsen H. Manugian Jane Russell Love from Craig J. Love Lyric Opera Women’s Board from Bob and Mimi Murley Prince Charitable Trusts Daniel Fischel and Sylvia Neil William Mason from Marilyn E. Fites Michael and Margo Oberman from the Jack and Goldie Wolfe Miller Fund Phyllis N. Segal Cathy Osborn from Patrick G. Ryan and Shirley Welsh Ryan Kenneth G. Pigott from Julie and Roger Baskes Mr. and Mrs. Philip Marineau Duffie Adelson Glen O. Reeser from David Quentin Bell

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