Associate Magazine-Jan/Mar 2021


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F E A T U R E S 8 Notes from the Social Revolution – the First One – Steve Cox 10 Trapped Without Rescue During COVID-19: The Importance of an Integrated Justice System and Victim Services Response to Domestic Violence – Shannon B. Harper, Ph.D. and William P. McCarty, Ph.D. 13 Meet the Candidate 14 In the Chill of the Night – Ray Guidetti 17 Police Departments Turn to Digital Transformation – Linda Haelson 20 Responder Wellness Executive Health – Anna Fitch Courie 24 Fresh Pursuits: The Journey from Cop to Corporate – John Manning 26 Stopping Cellphone Theft – Doug Muldoon C O L U M N S 4 Association Perspective 7 Association Update 22 A Message from Our Chaplain 26 Historian’s Spotlight 31 FBINAA Charitable Foundation 33 National Academy Update 36 Staying on the Yellow Brick Road E A C H I S S U E 6 Strategic / Academic Alliances A D I N D E X – CRI-TAC – JFCU




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