Associate Magazine-Jan/Mar 2021


F B I N A A . O R G | J A N / M A R 2 0 2 1

I am sure you remember one of the first days of attending the National Academy. As you sat in the auditorium listening to the expectations, maneuvering class schedules and exciting events we were going to experience, you were excited about the adventure ahead of you. Relationships had already begun as you met your roommate and suite mates. As weeks progressed and friendships grew stronger, many will have said that these were some of the best times of their lives. Still to this day, those connections remain close to their hearts. As you graduated, the words “let’s get together soon”, “until we meet again” and “see you at the national conference” were just a few phrases heard as your journey at the National Academy came to an end. Out of those wonderful connections and strong relationships, your FBINAA Charitable Foundation was formed. Our mission is the care and support of members and their families who are in distress, or in harm’s way, and the continued educational develop- ment of FBINAA members and their families. In order to assist you and keep our members informed, the Charitable Foundation has expanded their means into social media communication. Please join us on our new and updated platforms of social media, Facebook (FBI National Academy Associates Charitable Foundation or @FBINAACharitableFoundation), Twitter (FBINAA Charitable Foundation or @fbinaacf), LinkedIn (FBINAA Chari- table Foundation), and you can join our email Foundation News

by typing JoinTheFoundation into your browser.

Another new way of receiving updated information is through Constant Contact. Through this email connection, the Foundation Newsletters will keep you informed of current campaigns to gather funds to help fellow members, news about scholarships, news about your Charitable Foundation’s Board, and other exciting programs. To receive news from your Chari- table Foundation via Constant Contact, please go to our website at and join us by filling out the short link and joining our community. Visiting our new website will help you locate our events, programs, scholarships, awards and provide quick means of communication to request assistance. Take time to visit our Photo Gallery to see what you Charitable Foundation has been up to. Don’t forget to check out the Yellow Brick Run page to see the 2020 YBR Finishers video! We hope through our new social networking sites, it will allow us to, not only create new relationships with our new graduates, but also to reconnect with classmates near and far, continuing the journey you started at the FBI National Academy. With your help, the FBINAA Charitable Foundation will continue to be the “heart and helping hands of the Association”.


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