Associate Magazine-Jan/Mar 2021


Joe Hellebrand

What a difference a year makes.

A s you read this edition of “ASSOCIATE” , I ask you to think back to this same time last year. The effects of the pandemic were ramping up. Restrictions were starting to affect everyone nationwide; everyday items at the grocery stores were becoming more and more scare; and everyone was beginning to wear a mask as regularly as putting on his or her shoes before leaving the house. A year later, we can see some hopeful light at the end of what has been a very, very long tunnel. You can feel things open- ing up. More people are going about their daily lives without some much angst and uncertainty. And that means so much for the Association and its members in 2021. One of the strengths of our network comes with the fellow- ship of sharing best practices, continuing education and col- laborating on new ideas to further the aims of the law enforce- ment community. The FBINAA forged new paths in 2020 through virtual training, webinars and social media in an effort to keep the levels of communication high and its members in the know and engaged. As we look for what is in hold for the FBINAA for the remain- der of the year, there is much to look forward to. At the end of March, we will conduct our Chapter engagement conference in Fredericksburg, Virginia. The list of live Chapter Retrainers are growing weekly. We are also looking forward to our 2021 National Training Conference in Orlando this summer. This event will provide a much-needed opportunity for members to recon- nect with old friends, meet new ones and continue our goal of training and education, not just for our members, but also the law enforcement community. I want to thank everyone that makes the FBINAA the amazing organization that it is. That entails everyone from the national office staff, to our Chapter leadership teams and to each and every member. 2020 has proven there is no challenge too great that we won’t seize, realize that in adversity there is oppor- tunity and forge ahead with our mission.

In closing, I want to remind you that the FBINAA Charitable Foundation has been working diligently to provide support and programs for our members and their families faced with hard- ship. Please visit their website to learn more about their work and to lend your support. One fun and active way to do this is to join me and sign-up for the 2021 virtual Yellow Brick Run. Regis- tration is open.


Joe Hellebrand, President FBINAA Director, Brevard County Sheriff’s Office

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