Ice Damming Leaks: What Happened?

For existing roof systems, prevention is also possible. Several measures can be taken to reduce the chance of ice damming; sealing all attic penetrations around bathroom exhaust fans, plumbing vents, electrical wiring and outlets with caulking or weather stripping. This helps reduce the heat loss into the attic space. In addition, ඞenting all exhaust fans outside through the roof and installing an appropriate amount of insulation in the attic will further reduce ice damming. As stated earlier, upgrade to adequate and effective ventilation. Cold air should completely engulf the underside of the roof above the insulation. If there are hot spots there are areas that need to be addressed. This ventilation includes not only soffit and roof vents but pre-formed baffles to ensure attic insulation does not block ventilation paths. Be sure roof leaders are properly discharging and not blocked at grade level or underground.

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