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Micro Bits 'n Bytes Caring for your pc By Dorothy Thomas A re you aware that Administrative Data Processing ( DP) is responsible for and supports administra- tive data record manage- ment on the DEC 1091 mainframe? Are you aware that ADP also supports those of you.who are using microcomputers? Well, this is the area in which I work ... and it is an area which is growing as more and more offices acquire personal com- puters. Let me tell you something about this part of ADP, what it is we do and how we can help you in us- ing your personal com- puter. Our office has a library of computer programs which you may test before you make a purchase. We also offer training in word proc- essing, data base, and spreadsheet applications. ADP also sponsors a Micro- c omputer Users Group. This group has met three times since last summer. I encourage you to come to our next meeting. At our last meeting we addressed the topic of proper maintenance of per- sonal computers. Proper care of your disk drive and floppy disks should be taken seriously-data can be lost due to dirty disk drives or improperly cared for floppys. Disk drives should be cleaned at least once a week if you use them heav- ily. Luckily, an excellent cleaning kit is available- the one I use is called DUAL-PURPOSE FLOPPY DISK HEAD CLEANING KIT.

Q: How do part-time em- ployees accrue vacation? A: Part-time employees who work 20 hours per week or more earn vacation time equal to the percent of their employment based on a 40-hour week. For exam- ple, an employee working 20 hours per week annu- ally earns 10 half vacation days per year. Q: When may vacation time be used? A: Vacation time earned may be used after the six- month probationary period has been completed. Em- ployees must obtain---the permission of their depart- ment head to schedule va- cation time. Vacations are scheduled according to de- partmental needs , and each department is free to set its own method of scheduling vacations. Q: What happens if an employee, because of work demands , is unable to schedule vacation time earned? A: Vacation may be ac- crued up to 30 days. Vaca- tion accrued in excess of 30 days will be forfeited . It is the responsibility of the su- pervisor or department head to ensure that em- ployees use vacation time before the maximum ac- crual is exceeded. If the maximum accrual is ex- ceeded due to departmen- tal demands, the employee will be paid for lost vaca- tion._ Q: How can an employee find out how much vaca- tion time he or she has cur- rently earned? A: Physical plant em- ployees should call Liz Aleman at ext. 4516. All other staff employees should contact Barbara Walsh at ext. 4490. Q: Can an employee be paid in advance of a vaca- tion? A: No, all pay is issued on regular paydays. •

Toking care of your flop- pys is really just using common sense. Keep your disks away from your tele- phone. The telephone has a magnet in it which could contaminate your data . Write your disk labels be- fore attaching to the disk- or use a fe lt-tip pen if necessary to write a label after it has been attached. Pressure on the disk will cause grooves and could destroy your data. Never use paperclips on a disk as they could contain magnetic charges which could erase data. It is also important to keep disks in their envelopes when not in use. Finally, be sure you do not place heavy objects on your disks. Another suggestion is to keep your microcomputer in a smoke-free environ- ment. Cigarette, pipe and cigar smoke may settle on exposed disks and could in- terfere with the disk drive's ability to read or write in- formation . The Media Center has an excellent 30-minute video- tape on the care of micro- computers which you might like to view for addi- tional information. If there is a topic you would like presented at a User's Group meeting or discussed in this column, please contact me at ext. 4653 . Let us know how ADP can better serve you. •

Peggy Agerton

Human Resources Time off

By Judith Munoz V acation is a subject whose mere men- tion usually brings a smile to any employee. This month's column fo- cuses on some typical questions employees ask about the University's staff vacation policy. Q: How is vacation time earned? A: Vacation time is earned at a rate deter- mined by length of service to the University. For the first three years worked, full-time employees earn 5/6 of a day of vacation time per month worked. For example, 10 days of va- cation will be earned dur- ing each of an employee's first three years. For the fourth through tenth years, 15 annual vacation days will be earned . That in- creases to 20 days annually after the tenth year.

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