for G overnment A gencies

E nterprises across a wide range of vertical markets—including retail, restaurant, hospitality, and convenience store—are turning to amenities-based guest WiFi solutions to increase consumer traffic. Now government agencies are also beginning to use the power of WiFi technology to keep their workforces and constituents better connected.

Better connected. That’s what HughesON TM Managed WiFi is all about. A component of the HughesON portfolio of Managed Network Solutions, HughesON Managed WiFi combines superior WiFi and business networking into an

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2 Executive Corner Allen McCabe talks about keeping customers’ lives connected and closing in on a HughesNet ® subscribership of 1 million.

6 Industry Insight Dan Thornton discusses challenges and solutions in the European business market.

5 Ready for Anything Highlights of the 2014 Hughes Installer Training Seminar (HITS).

8 Managed Media—More than Just a Screen Why digital signage is generating interest from leaders in both industry and government.

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