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Auto Transmission Fluid Exchange



With the high proportion of automatic vehicles on the road, it makes sense to keep Auto Transmission Fluid Exchange services in-house. Making simple work of scheduled service interval fluid changes, an automatic transmission fluid exchanger also offers a clean ‘first option’ for fixing problems including ‘sealed for life’ boxes. A simple flush and refill can often cure the problem and is an easy option to sell before going to the expense of a full strip-out at a specialist.

LAUNCH CAT501S 590 00 1060


The CAT-501S offers a range of automatic functions to exchange transmission fluid with minimal fuss and involvement. May also be used in a manual operation. The CAT-501S is supplied with a full set of connectors.

• 5" LCD display • Oil exchange and level adjustment • Print out the procedure and more vehicle data • Monitoring of oil temperature • Monitoring of oil pressure • Empty fluid tank without disassembly • Choose between 68 pieces universal adapters kit and bespoke UK adapters kit • Online database access included • 2 year warranty

The majority of manufacturers recommend changing the ATF fluid on automatic gearboxes every 30,000 to 40,000 miles.

Any of these symptoms below can be made better by a 100% ATF fluid flush and refill • Rough gear change during acceleration • Slow or delayed gearshifts • Difficult to move from Park to Drive/Reverse

• Noisy gear changes or loud transmission running noise • An increase in transmission vibrations felt inside the cabin

An ATF flush and refill produces the following benefits • Smoother gear change • Reduced transmission noise • Easier gear selection

• Reduced transmission vibrations • Faster up-shift during acceleration

Availability and specification may change without prior notice. Warranty subject to manufacturers terms and conditions of use. Errors and omissions excluded.


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