Virginia Diner & More 2018

All-time Favorites

CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER PEANUTS Mantequilla de cacahuete chocolate maní

SALTED GOURMET VIRGINIA PEANUTS El Gastrónomo salado Virginia Peanuts Our most famous Super Extra Large peanut “blistered” and salted for delicious snacking. 10 oz. can. 00000 $12.00 • 10 oz. 00000 $18.00 • 18oz. (not shown) This item is so simple we had to ask, why did it take so long to come out with it? We combined peanuts, peanut butter and chocolate. The result is perfection! This is defi- nitely our NEW favorite item and it will be yours too, so order an extra can…you can thank us later! 10 oz. can. 00000 $16.00

FAVORITES DUO Duo favoritos

PEANUT BUTTER BUTTON MIX Mantequilla de maní botón Mezclar We combine equal parts of our famous Virginia Diner Salted Peanuts with America’s favorite peanut butter candy. The result is a mix that is completely irresistible! 11oz. can. 00000 $14.00 Two of our most popular items stacked in a gift box – Salted Virginia Peanuts and Double Dipped Chocolate Covered Peanuts. (2) 10 oz. cans. 00000 $24.00

BUTTER TOASTED PEANUTS Mantequilla Tostó a Virginia Peanuts

These Virginia peanuts are cooked in butter, sugar, and salt, to form a special "crunchy sweet" coating for a most tempting treat. 10 oz. can. 00000 $12.00

PEANUT BUTTER PUFFS Mantequilla de maní bocanadas

A sweet, old fashioned crunchy candy filled with lots of peanut butter flavor. 12 oz. bag. 00000 $14.00

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