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Home for the Holidays

T his year has been unprecedented in the way we live our lives. Thanks to the COVID-19 virus, many have been impacted in ways we would only read about in the history books and never would have thought they could happen in our modern time. People have been displaced, stricken ill and even lost their life due to the pandemic. What has made the situation worse for many Americans is the severe weather that has hit so many. People are concerned when they have been forced to leave their homes either to a shelter or to hospital. They are more concerned with contracting the virus than their own well-being and may opt to stay in their own homes where they feel safe even if their home has been damaged by a storm. Your FBINAA Charitable Foundation stands ready to assist the members of the FBINAA during these tough times. members that have had their homes damaged by severe storms with $12,000 in aid members that have suffered a debilitating injury/illness providing $6,000 to help them with their immediate needs 6 3 ATTRIBUTION WMP built patterns of contact between defendants and victims. Attribution was made by using numbers saved in handsets and frommessages between defendants that contained details of the victims and their financial information. This data was later used in court as key evidence. STORYTELLING Using the combined data in Chorus, WMP then cross-referenced contacts between the offenders, such as messages and banking transactions, in a systematic way. They were able to overlay bank statements with cell site data and CCTV information to prove that the defendants used the victim’s bank accounts. The events were placed into one easy to read chart for jury deliberation. A keyword message search in Chorus was also used to show the depravity of the defendants where they referred to the victims as slaves and used other derogatory language. REPORTS The pre-defined evidential reports in Chorus were used to build a ‘chapter’ in the CPS submission on each defendant. Entity connectivity and interaction, directories, and message logs were all produced for each person and filtered according to the date, people, and events of interest. These gave a clear indication of the degree of involvement of each defendant. This year we have provided the following assistance:


members and their families deal with the death of a member or member’s immediate family by providing a total of $24,000 to all of them overcome the expenses of such a life-changing event. The Foundation has also provided 21 college scholar- ships totaling $21,000 to the young family members seeking to continue their education. When considering your end of year charitable contributions please keep the Foundation in mind. Help us to assist the members of the FBINAA, your brothers and sisters in helping throughout the year. Please visit our website at www.FBINAAFoundation . org and click on the DONATE button on the top right of our Home Page. There are many options for you to choose from to contribute to the Foundation. The Foundation would like to help all our mem- bers in their time of need but we can only do it with your support. We would like to make sure all the members and their families are safe and Home for the Holidays and throughout the year.

John Moran

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