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August 2016 | Issue 002


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Halfway through another year. And we continue along the path of growing our business and our careers. It is amazing to watch the variety of happenings within the little piece of the world called CobbFendley. A lot of them are things we all need to celebrate, and of course a limited few can’t be discussed in mixed

with the mysteries that TxDOT calls the selection process. Miguel and his guys are having fun surveying around the state capitol. Thurman is summering in Corpus Christi. We have a fiber client who just won’t take “no” for an answer and keeps shoving more work our way. The Mountain Region offices keep growing and adding

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company. Just like in the world at large and in any family. But the great thing is that it all works out. We’ve had another CobbFendley pocket protector awarded to Erick Bustos on the occasion

CF ACCOLADES CobbFendley has once again been honored as a Top Design Firm by various industry and regional publications and associations. These accolades emphasize our overall corporate and regional growth.

We are getting closer to our clients and better equipped to serve their needs.

more of CobbFendley’s traditional core services. People viewing the 4th of July parade in the Memorial Villages in Houston were amazed at how much Joey Roberts resembles Donald Trump. And it just goes on and on. There is still some summertime left, so be sure to check your ETO balance and give some thought to how you are going to use

of his earning his PE registration. Our Louisiana folks, Kimberly and Kristen, backed up by Gaby, Craig, and Floyd, have been learning first-hand how the state earned its reputation for politics. On second thought, they probably already knew this and it’s just the rest of us who have been learning. And in Texas we are still grappling with periodic success

ENR Top Design Firm | #270 ENR Texas & Louisiana | #34 ENR Southwest | #51 Austin Business Journal | #22 Zweig Group Hot Firm | #21 Houston Business Journal and ENR Mountain rankings are pending

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August 2016

Issue 002


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