Vertex Contractor Safety Handbook

Contractor Acknowledgement VerificaƟon Form

I hereby cerƟfy that I have read, understand and will follow  the guidelines and informaƟon outlined in the Vertex’s Con‐ tractor Safety Handbook. 


I agree to comply with the requirements and procedures con‐ cerning all the items discussed in the previous pages. I under‐ stand that if I have any quesƟons or concerns about what is  wriƩen in this booklet, I should contact Vertex OperaƟons  and/or EH&S personnel. 

Company Name:_________________________  Print Name:_____________________________  Signature: ______________________________  Date: __________________________________ 

If I am conducƟng electrical/plumbing work at Vertex: I have  provided the Vertex OperaƟons Manager and building land‐ lord with a copy of my Professional Electrician’s Card/ Plumbing CerƟficaƟon. 

Print Name and Title:_________________________________ 


Thank You


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