Saint Francis Service Dogs Summer 2018

The Prison Pup Program is transformational on many levels:

 The Prison Pup Program has made a trans- formational impact on the inmates for over

16 years. The men have proven to be successful trainers, consistently producing excellent results with the dogs in their care. It is a top priority to maintain the high standards of the program so that we can train and place more service dogs

their emotions and learn to be a caregiver.

The program has increased morale throughout the prison as a whole and is credited with the reduction of disciplinary actions across the prison population.

without sacrificing the quality of our program.  Caring for the puppies reduces the men’s stress level, sense of isolation, and fear, while they gain a sense of belonging and accomplishment. Training young puppies occupies their minds and keeps them focused on a positive goal.  Raising a puppy for a person with a disability gives meaning and purpose to the lives of the inmates. The experience of nurturing young puppies helps them get in touch with

 The program helps the puppy raisers build useful skills that translate to life after incarceration, and for some, this is the foundation of their career plan upon release.  The program aids in the rehabilitation of the men by strengthening their interpersonal relationship skills, bolstering their self-esteem, and teaching them how to be a part of a team.

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