Crystal Chronicles - February 2019

From the Manager ’ s Desk

Hello all and welcome to February’s edition of the Crystal Waters Chronicles. Last month was a busy month for us with the arrival of another New home and our New office. As you will notice with the new home it is the largest we have done to date, con- sisting of three modules rather than the standard two. It is also a unique design which takes into account the conditions we have relating to that particular block. I believe it will prove very popular with customers looking for a new home. To facilitate the siting of the office you will notice we have had to move the mailboxes in- to a new position. This is only temporary whilst we carry out the work. Once the old build- ings have been demolished we will put them back into their new positon and reinstate the roof over them. Thank you for your patience whilst these essential development works are being carried out. Our office on the other hand is a bit smaller than we have been used to. Going from a large office where in reality we have too much space down to something half the size is a challenge but it is a very good opportunity to go through and ask ourselves do we need all the things we have. The issue with any space is that we always seem to fill them. The bigger the space the more stuff we acquire and the less we think about only keeping what we really need. This will be a good exercise for us and the perfect opportunity to go through everything we have. The office will take approximately six weeks to be finished before we can start moving. It will then take us another four weeks to get the entire infrastructure in place, computers, telephone system etc. before we can move in. Once all that is done we can demolish the old buildings start developing the area for the eight new sites including the pedestrian gateway. Elsewhere in this edition you will see pictures of the Christmas lights competition. I won’t spoil it by announcing who won here but I will say that this year the standard was very high and it was difficult to pick a winner, hence the use of an independent judge to make the final decision. Finally I want to take this opportunity to formally welcome Kim to our team here at Crystal Waters. Kim joined us just before Christmas but due to the busy time of year I have not had the time to formally welcome her. Kim’s brings with here loads of enthusiasm for her new role as well as a lot of skill. One of Kim’s roles is to put together the monthly edition

of the Chronicles, please help her by providing story’s, pictures or general information of events happening in the Village or just items you think people will be interested in Do not worry what format they are in as Kim has the skills to convert them into a format which fits into the magazine. Happy Valentines, Peter and the Crystal Crew.


February 2019 | Volume 12 Issue 2

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