10-30-2021 Collector Motor Series Buyer's Guide

new tires. (To be dead specific, the two front tires date to the 50th week of 2019 - (tire coded 5019) and the two rear tires date to the 46th week of 2020 - (tire coded 4620). Additionally, the new owner will get the 4 factory tires from Ferrari - these came with the car to the dealership in 1990. This has the QUADFECTA for a buyer of premium Ferrari automobiles: Classiche Certified, extremely low miles, Concorso Certified/Scored, all six pieces of luggage. Flawless interior gauges, lighting, and operations. If you are a Testarossa collector, you want this rare find. There is no other Testarossa on the market with all 4 items for sale. VIN# ZFFSG17A4L0083995

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