Notary brochure

Public Notaries in England and Wales.

Notaries are a small and highly specialised branch of the legal profession who are qualified to prepare and certify documents that are to be signed in England and Wales but which are for use abroad. Notaries have a duty to the transaction and to the authenticity of the documents they are notarising. Unlike a solicitor their duty is not to the “client” seeking to have a document notarised.

Russell-Cooke’s notary Jonathan Thornton, the firm’s managing partner and head of the corporate group is the notary at Russell-Cooke. His notarial practice covers both corporate and private clients.

Jonathan is able to notarise a range of documents including:

powers of attorney

n qualification certificates (subject to obtaining verification of the certificate from the issuing institution)


n declarations, affidavits and oaths n documents dealing with land, property and finance overseas; n company and business documents for use conducting business overseas including court documents, certificates of good standing and company articles, accounts and minutes n personal documents for applications to marry or work or travel abroad

n identification documents for individuals and in the case of corporate clients of directors,

company secretaries and any other authorised signatory of a company

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