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MINOLTA JUST TAUGHT CAMERAS A WHOLE NEWW4Y TO THINK. Introducing theMaxxum• 7xi . Ifonly lighting neverchanged, your

So you'll beguided to the perfect, subtle decision even in the most complicated situation. What more can an SLR do? Well, in this case, its 4-mode flash . - . • reduces red-eye, its compact ,, lenses zoom

subjects nevermoved, and backgrounds were always constant, picture-taking would be asnap. But they do. And that's the chal- lenge and the fun ofphotography. It's also whyyou need the first camera Suppose you're watching cyclists race from light through shadowand back. The Maxxum lxi will break from the pack with its abil- .. that thinks for itself.

automatically and its

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ity to adjust for the most minute lighting changes. If the cyclists

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speed up, slowdown or take off in anydirection,

Maxxum's unique Predictive Autofocus will freeze them in perfect clarity. Only the lxi can do it four times asecond. Andbecause things happen fast, the l x i has all systems

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Expansion Cards let you really exerciseyour ingenuity. Yes, the Maxxum 7xi has anewway of thinking. But it's the results that will amaze you when you take it for a ride. ~:, -, ,,, t - j MINS LTA ,. MAXXt.JA.f 7xi •··

working before your eye meets the viewfinder. You see, the new Maxxum lxi can makeyour

Because Maxxum analyzes images a whole new way, photos aresharperandmore precisethan e1,•er.

lifeeasy because it thinkswith themost powerful computer everput behinda lens. It's the first computerwhich applies "fuzzy logic" to drawon the pre-programmed expertise of professional photographers.

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LOOk fot valu.lble MinoltaUSA2-yearcamera/5-ytar lenshmIted wauanty cardswithyourproducls. Fo,more1nfo,ma11on, Set yourselectedMinolta dealerotwflte:MinoltaCorp., IOIW1U1amsOnvt,Ramsey, NJ07446. InCanada:M1nolIaCanada, Inc.,Ontar,o. ci 1991Minolta Corporation.





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