Spotlight on Public Finance, Spring 2019

UPDATES Since our last newsletter, our public finance team has distributed a number of federal securities and tax law updates as well as announcements and attorney commentaries. If you missed them the first time or would like to refresh your memory, we have compiled the most recent of our team’s updates here.

Spotlight on Public Finance: Rule 15c2-12 Amendments January 8, 2019 Paul Maco and Ed Fierro

It’s Official! Final Public Approval Regulations Now Reflect the 21st Century January 3, 2019 Victoria Ozimek and Brian Teaff Sophisticated International Hackers Continue to Target the Public Sector December 4, 2018 Philip Bezanson and David Springer How Governments Can Help Put the “Opportunity” in Opportunity Zones November 6, 2018 Brian Teaff , Victoria Ozimek and Barron Wallace

Disclosure Training Webinar November 13, 2018 Jonathan Frels , Paul Maco and Ed Fierro


• 51% of all internet’s traffic is fake. Humans make up 49% of traffic; bots and spamming software make up the rest. • The term “hacker” originally meant someone who cuts wood with heavy blows in an irregular or random fashion. In the 1950s, the term began to be applied to people who like fussing with machines. It later took on a negative connotation in popular usage, but many in the computer security community maintain that the term is not inherently negative. • According to the American Institute of Architects (AIA) website, the AIA Documents Committee is comprised of 35 professionals in the fields of design, construction, law and insurance. Together, they work on the nearly 200 forms and contracts that are used as the industry standard for design and construction projects.

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